A Limited Liability Company

What We Do

Distribution is not easy. You’ll send out e-mails, screeners, and press kits to all the distributors. More often than not, you’ll hear nothing back, which leaves you wondering whether your project was ever even seen, ever even given a chance.

Cyfuno Ventures will make sure your film is seen, and that you do get answers. If you are offered a distribution deal, we’ll make sure you understand the inner workings of the deal so you can make the best decision before agreeing to anything. We’ll negotiate on your behalf, and then, we’ll help to guide you through the process of delivery. With a small client list, our filmmakers are our priority, not just another number.

We charge no upfront costs, and we have no hidden fees. Cyfuno Ventures operates purely on a commission basis, which means we ONLY get paid when YOU get paid. To do things any other way puts us and the filmmakers on different levels starting off. We want our clients to know that we are right there in the trenches with them, and when our success is tied directly into their success, they know that we will always represent them with their best interests in mind.

We cannot guarantee distribution for your film. No one can. We can offer you a real chance, which we think is the most anyone in this world can ever hope for. We can offer you answers, so that even if you don’t get distribution with this film, you’ll know where distributors need you to improve so you can increase your odds of finding distribution for your next film. Your film will stand on its own merits, and so will we. Cyfuno Ventues cannot guarantee distribution, but we can guarantee you that we will work our very hardest and try our very best in representing your film.