About Us

Cyfuno Ventures was founded in 2013 with no clients, no portfolio, and no connections. Since that time, we have helped to distribute over 50 films into the marketplace reaching over 100 million unique individuals each and every time out. Our films have been featured on every major platform including iTunes, Google Play, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Redbox, and in stores across the country including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, FYE, and Barnes and Noble. Our films have been featured in over a 100 different countries around the world. Within our first year of business, we were recruited as sub-aggregators for several of the largest VOD providers in the world due to our reputation for bringing in high quality content and delivering it on time. We maintain that reputation today as well as a reputation for being one of the most filmmaker-friendly companies in the industry.

Today, we are a sales agency. Today, we are a self-distribution partner. Today, we are a hybrid company operating in nearly every sector of the film industry. So, what makes us different?

  • We are a hybrid-based company and we take an approach that looks to expand your options. We have the ability to connect you directly to the distribution platforms and cut out the distributor. While we will present that option to you, we will also go out and shop your film to our list of over 250 different distribution companies. We will present you with the best offers that the market dictates allowing you to compare our self-distribution service versus the standard distribution offers on the table. Sometimes our service will be the best, sometimes it won’t be. The beauty is that we can operate in either role.
  • Our vision statement from day one has been simple and has remained unchanged: Filmmakers First. Everything we do is designed with your best interest in mind, not ours. Our philosophy is built around the idea that the better our filmmakers do, the better we do.
  • When you become our client, you will have direct access to everyone in the company in a fully transparent way. Your e-mails will be returned, your phone calls will be returned. We strive to respond to all correspondence within 24 hours, but have a strict company policy to respond within 48 hours.
  • We practice full transparency in every step along the way. You will have access to the same earnings reports that we receive, you will be included in all decisions made in regards to your film, and you will be with us every step along the way throughout the distribution process.
  • When your film has been released, our role does not stop there. We will be there throughout the life to the film to advise you, to gather information, to fight for you. We do not have a policy that charges our clients every time we do something outside the scope of our agreement. We believe it is our responsibility to go above and beyond for our clients in any way we reasonably can.
  • The relationship we have with our clients is a special one. Our clients are not another number to us. They are real people and we recognize how important their films are to them individually. While we can’t control the audience, our job is to position any film we represent in a way that allows it to reach its highest potential, whatever that might be. We do not take lightly the responsibility we have to each and every one of our clients.
When you become a Cyfuno client, you become part of our team. We share resources and we work together to achieve the most we can for every client on every film every time. For more information, contact us today. We are always happy to go into greater detail with potential clients and to answer any questions that we can. There is never any obligation when you take an initial consultation with us.