After Dark

After Dark Poster
Spring break is the perfect time to blow off steam and Crystal and six of her college friends set off for the dunes of Diamond Mountain for what promises to be a great time. One wrong turn derails their plans and instead of partying with friends, they find themselves stranded at the end of a deserted road with a flat tire, no spare, no cell service, and no one who knows where to find them – except for a menacing drifter who may or may not be trying to help. As night falls and friends start to disappear, those left are forced to head into the open desert to find help. In the darkness, they pick their way along the dusty road, finding the bodies of their missing friends, a terrifying reality sets in – help is not coming. Hunted one by one, they navigate the dark, desert terrain with an unseen killer hell-bent on no one surviving spring break. Soon, they will find themselves face-to-face with the stuff nightmares are made of.
Marisa Saks
Mekia Cox
Korrina Rico
David Thomas Jenkins
John A. Lorenz
Jesse James Youngblood
Scott DeFalco
Lane Compton
87 Minutes
Rico Johnson
Rico Johnson
Robert Levy
Angela Galletta
Dan Kudo
Gail Kudo
John Gumina
Freddie Parish
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