October 30th: All Hallows Eve

October 30th: All Hallows Eve Poster
20 years after a psychotic episode in Pearl Lake on October 30th 1988, the so-called events of “missing people” begin again. Oldest son, Ethan Pearl and brother Jacob intricately select a cast of stars (Jade, Heather, Gene, Milton, & Crew) in an attempt to produce a Pearl Lake horror film based on their traumatic childhood. While scouting and rehearsing, the group encounters several eerie mishaps and a tyrannical maniac. Ethan leads Jade down a perceived path to safety, but when she continues to search for answers, she realizes this isn’t an ordinary film, or an ordinary director.
Ryan Byrne
Dylan Cook
Adrian Gabrylewicz
Mark Fisher
Mikaela Fyfe
Ariella Arbus
Marie-Josee Dionne
105 Minutes
Ryan Byrne
Brendan Garlick
Julie Hryniewicz
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