Black Creek

Black Creek Poster
Mike and Heather’s father passed away in a mysterious accident in the woods. They go to their father's cabin in the woods to get some closure and spread his ashes. They are joined by Mike’s love interest Jenna and some other friends who go along on the trip to have some fun in the country. All is not well when they arrive, there have been murders perpetrated by an ancient, Native American spirit seeking eternal revenge for a Native American Village that was destroyed by settlers and soldiers. This Native American spirit has the kids marked for death as it shifts from one victim to the next always thirsty for the next soul.
Chris O'Flyng
Leah Patrick
Michael Copon
Kaylee Williams
Rachel Vedder
Briana Shae
Michael Hill
Robert Lowe
Pierse Stevens
Todd Clennon
80 Minutes
James Crow
James Crow
Craig Patrick
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