Bostonian Poster
Marshal is a handsome successful career man who drives a luxury sports car, lives in the best part of the city, eats at the finest restaurants, drinks the rarest whiskies, collects the priciest art. . . and is a serial killer the media has dubbed the "Bostonian, " stalking Beantown for over two years. On his last outing Marshal made mistakes, one of which was leaving a witness to his crime. Det. Sean Burke, Marshal's best friend, mentions that police are closing in on the unknown killer, a piece of information that brings Marshal's fragile psyche crashing down and latent memories of his mother's verbal and sexual abuse flood his mind. Meanwhile a would-be lover figures out who Marshal really is and he goes on a warpath to secure all loose ends.
Paul Held
Jami Tennille
Greg Shea
Audrey Noone
Nicole Rigo
Curtis Reid
Kathy Lashay Berenson
David Reid
June Kfoury
Linda Goetz
Bianca Starks
108 Minutes
Michael DeMasi
Michael DeMasi
Paul Held
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