Getting Out

Getting Out Poster
Wilkes has fallen on hard times financially. His friend, Derek, suggests he tries getting a job through his boss, Victor. After meeting the condescending Victor, Wilkes decides he rather rob Victor of his money than work for him. He and Derek hatch out a plan to pull the robbery off. It is then that Wilkes finds out Derek is having an affair with Victor’s woman, Mira, and he is in dire need of some fast cash so he can be with her. Meanwhile, Victor has hired a volatile hitman named Bronson to retrieve a stolen antique for him. When their deal goes sour, Bronson makes his new mission to track down Victor and kill him at all costs. All the while, Victor’s relationship with Mira is becoming more and more rocky, causing him to question her loyalty. Now with Wilkes and Derek’s plan in effect, they go through with the robbery and take the chance of their lives. While each are aware of their motives, they soon find out that everything on the surface is not what it appears to be.
Kevin Hartzman
Michael Renda
Ashley-Rene Everest
George Avgoustis
Jerry Hayes
Denise Emilia Sandulescu
Joe Elliott
81 Minutes
Nick Felice
Nick Felice
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