Night Eyes

Night Eyes Poster
Professional illustrator, Linda Raines, has been feeling off kilter since her break-up. Her ex-boyfriend Michael, a respected psychotherapist and author, has just been cleared of accusations of murdering his ex-wife, leaving Linda unsure of what to believe. As she is recovering, she begins to hear voices and experience visions, causing further anxiety and confusion. Her boss, Paul, urges her to escape the city and stay at his secluded vacation house while she recovers. Once there, Linda's struggle with reality intensifies, and the intensity of her visions force her to question everything she sees and hears. Yet one voice is so real that it's becoming too loud to ignore. Linda is losing her grip. If she can not learn to trust her Night Eyes, her past may catch up and destroy her mind, body, and spirit.
Constance Brenneman
Steve Wilcox
Kieron Elliott
Troy Blendell
Tiffany Lowery
Liza Seneca
80 Minutes
David Cocheret
Maria Valentina Bove
Gabi Ilioiu
Jesse McClung
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