Nowhere Girl

Nowhere Girl Poster
Nowhere Girl is a charming, funny and heartfelt story about how falling in love can be exhilarating but also a bit crazy. After Tyler (Josh Robert Thompson) meets Katy (Ilana Guralnik) he finally starts to shake off the lingering effects of a bad break-up and she inspires him to do more and be more than the life he had settled into. At first his friends Michelle and Justin (Jennifer Aspen and David O'Donnell) think this is a wonderful change, but cracks in this new relationship start to show and they begin thinking it's unhealthy. But just what is “unhealthy” when it comes to a relationship and just who gets to decide these things?
Josh Robert Thompson
Jennifer Aspen
David O'Donnell
Ilana Guralnik
Eliza Bayne
103 Minutes
Jed Rigney
Adam Beason
Jerrol LeBaron
Chrystina Myers
Lincoln Myers
Steffanie Siebrand
Justin Workman
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